Free Comic Giveaway!

Did you miss out on the Small Press and Alternative Comic Expo this year? Sad that you weren’t able to buy the Exclusive SPACE edition of The Chronicles of the Tal Nor #1? Well now is your chance to win a copy for FREE!

All you need to do is like, share and comment on this Facebook post with your favorite fantasy novel. We’ll choose a winner this Monday, July 27th.

For more info on The Chronicles of the Tal Nor #1, check out our Kickstarter.


Exclusive S.P.A.C.E.

I was worried that we would not get this done in time, but I’m happy to announce that we will be premiering issue #1 of The Chronicles of the Tal Nor at this year’s Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, July 18-19. That's right; the comic is done and at the printer right now. We are having a special SPACE exclusive edition printed for the show with the regular edition available later this year.

Tal Nor 1 Space

This Limited Edition Exclusive comic will only be available to purchase at SPACE and with a print run of just 120, will be sure to go fast.  If you are planning to go to SPACE and want to reserve a copy please email us at with SPACE as the subject.

Things are really heating up here at Tal Nor HQ. Check back regularly; more announcements are coming soon.

I hope to see you in 17 days at SPACE, cowboy!