The UNCANNY! and More Tour

I have most wonderful news, we have a release date:  October 7th!  We’re going to celebrate with a signing tour; the Uncanny and More Tour.  We’ll be kicking it off at the comic book shop that I have been shopping at for the last 30 years, UNCANNY! in the King of Prussia Mall. I’ll be setting up at 1pm and selling both the first issue of the Chronicles of the Tal Nor and buttons based off the book.  I can’t think of a better place to debut my first full length comic.

We keep the tour rolling the next Wednesday, the 14th at Comics and More in the Plymouth Meeting Mall.  This is a great shop with a wonderful selection of toys, comics and T-shirts.

The tour finishes up the following Wednesday, the 21st at the newest member of the UNCANNY!/Comics and More family, UNCANNY! in the Montgomery Mall.  This is a fantastic new store with an amazing selection of t-shirts, comics and games.  Head on over to our calendars section for more details on each of these events.

We’re always open to new location for events and signing.  If you have any idea or suggestions, please let us know.


Issue #1 is now aviliable for pre-order

I know we've been radio silent for a little bit now.  That’s because we've been hard at work getting everything together to bring The Chronicles of the Tal Nor issue 1 to you.  I’m happy to announce that issue one is now at the printer and available for pre-order. You can order the comic by clicking HERE or Click on Order Comics in the menu.

We will start fulfilling orders in mid-October.

This issue would not have been possible without the help of all of our Kickstarter backers.  To honor them, we have set up a Wall of Thanks page here on the site.  You can find that HERE or by clicking on the Wall of Thanks link in the menu.

We also have a ton of other things in the works that we will be announcing soon.

Watch this space!


Kickstarter Achievement Unlocked

Coming in at $4,028, the Kickstarter for The Chronicles of the Tal Nor issue #1 has funded.  We hit our goal with about 45 minutes to spare. We did it with a huge push at the end from myself, my team and my friends.  Once we hit the goal, I crashed hard.


Now after a good night's sleep, I’m ready to start the hard work of publishing this sucker.  Mainly it will be getting all my ducks in a row and ordering the book from the printer.  I have a printer in mind, but given that I can’t place the order until Kickstarter gives me the money, I’m going to take this time to do my due diligence and make sure I’m making the best printing decisions. Suggestions are always welcome.


I’m going to do a more detailed post later this week thanking everyone. I want to do it right and make sure I don’t miss anyone.  But until then I want to issue a general thank you to everyone who supported us during the creation of the book and the running of the Kickstarter.  That support came through in so many forms; it was money, it was spreading the word, it was being there to listen to my non-stop talking about the project and it was being there to take my mind off the project for just a little bit when I needed it.  Thank you all so much. 


Stay tuned for more coming soon.


Be Well



Free Preview of Issue #1

As you all know I’m super excited for our upcoming first issue of The Chronicales of the Tal Nor.  So excited I can’t wait to share it with you.  Now I’m not going to undermine our Kickstarter by giving away the whole thing, but I will give you the first 8 pages for free!  So go, go, GO, click HERE now or head over to the comic section and read how our story began. 

Then check out our Kickstarter at to find out how you can get the rest of the story.

Exclusive S.P.A.C.E.

I was worried that we would not get this done in time, but I’m happy to announce that we will be premiering issue #1 of The Chronicles of the Tal Nor at this year’s Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, July 18-19. That's right; the comic is done and at the printer right now. We are having a special SPACE exclusive edition printed for the show with the regular edition available later this year.

Tal Nor 1 Space

This Limited Edition Exclusive comic will only be available to purchase at SPACE and with a print run of just 120, will be sure to go fast.  If you are planning to go to SPACE and want to reserve a copy please email us at with SPACE as the subject.

Things are really heating up here at Tal Nor HQ. Check back regularly; more announcements are coming soon.

I hope to see you in 17 days at SPACE, cowboy!


Spring City Local Author Fest Preview

The next show for us here at Tal Nor HQ is rapidly approaching and we would love for you to come out to see us.  I will be manning a table at the Spring City Local Author Fest at the Spring City Library from 11am – 4pm.  But wait, there's more; at 1:40pm (or there about) I'll be giving a short talk on the comic book creation process.  The wonderful thing about comics is no two creators go about it the same way.  Come on out and learn to make comics the T. Perran Mitchell way.

Still not convinced? Well let me sweeten the pot for you.  At this show we will be premiering a preview of our upcoming book.  This preview will be fully lettered and feature an inked version of the beginning of the comic.  I can't wait to show you Kelsea's amazing art.

Now, because I like you and you took the time to come to the site, I'll let you in on how you can see this preview before anyone else.  See over to the right of the screen where it says Subscribe to our Mailing List?  Anyone who subscribes by this Friday will get a special PDF of the preview sent out Friday night.

I hope to see you on the 18th.


Dangers of the Road Page 8

Here it is, the final page of The Dangers of the Road.  Please check out the rest of the story in the comic section.  It was a blast learning how to color and I think I was just starting to get the hang of it.  But like all good things this experiment has come to an end.  Just in time as it would turn out.  Things are really starting to heat up on the Chronicles of the Tal Nor issue 1 front.  Kelsea has finished up the pencils and is working hard on the inks as I type.  Also I have been able to line up some awesome incentives for the IndieGoGo campaign.  I’m excited to share them with you, but for that you will have to wait.  Or….

You could come out and visit me at the Smudge Comic Art Expo this Saturday.  Go to the event page for more details.  I hope to see you there.


Dangers of the Road Page 5

We are into the home stretch of my colorized version of Dangers of the Road.  I’m feeling a lot more confident with my ability to create the color flats.  I really like how this page has come together.  I’m hopeful that providing color flats will be something I’ll be able to offer as freelancer once the Dangers of the Road colorization process is complete.  If there is time I might even start adding in some shading.  You can check out page 5 in the comic section of the site or by clicking on any of the Dangers of the Road links in this post.

On the Chronicles of the Tal Nor issue 1 front, Kelsea is cranking out the pages and we are on track to start our IndieGoGo campaign for the book this spring.  I’m also in the process of lining up some really exciting incentives for the campaign.  Watch this space for more news soon.



Flat World Theory

To deepen my understanding of the comic creation process and to hopefully add another tool to my tool box, I'm trying my hand at creating color flats.  For those unfamiliar with flats, they are the first step in digital coloring of comic books.  This is where each section or object is painted one color, in it's own layer using Photoshop (or art program of your choice).  Once the flats are created the colorist adds the shading and lighting effects.  This is a vast simplification of the process.

The creation of flats is often outsourced by the colorist because it can be rather time consuming and a little bit tedious.  After trying it myself I found it to be a rather Zen-like and quite relaxing.  To hone my skills at creating flats I have been coloring the pages from Dangers of the Road, the first Tal Nor short I ever published.  I thought it would be a fun to share this comic and some behind the scenes of making comics.  This will also give me a chance to re-letter the comic now that I have a few hundred more pages lettered under my belt.

The cover, credits page and the first colored page have been post to the comics section of the site.  Each additional colored page will be posted here every Wednesday; please come back check on my progress.  I'm hoping that the last page will show improvement from the one posted today.  If you have any tips, questions or just want to say hi, please leave a comment below or email us at


Site update

I made some minor updates to site this morning.  A full blog post will be coming tonight.  In the meantime check out a color version of the first page of Dangers of the Road HERE.