Our Mission


I created the Chronicles of the Tal Nor to tell the kind of stories I wanted to read but had trouble finding.  I cast this book with characters who represented the people I know in life but I feel are underrepresented in the comics I see on the shelves.  My main goal has always been and will always be to tell engaging stories, but I also have an opportunity to do more with these books.

Growing up, because of my learning disabilities I was bounced from class to class and school to school, desperately trying to find a place that would give me the tools to manage my disability.  Eventually my parents found a private school called Crossroads that specialized in teaching children with learning differences.  As one can imagine this was not the most fun childhood one could have.  I constantly felt different and wrong on top of the normal struggles that come with Attention Deficit Disorder and Dyslexia.

This is where comic books come in and save my life.  If Cyclops, Colossus and Kitty Pryde were heroes and had to go to a special school, maybe it was OK that I did.  If the X-men could save a world that didn't understand them and made them feel like outcasts, maybe I could live in a world that made me feel the same way.  If Daredevil could overcome his disabilities and become a lawyer, maybe I could overcome mine.  This is how I got through those days; I had heroes I could identify with.

My hope is that by featuring characters in non-stereotypical racial and gender roles and having a diverse cast that maybe, just maybe, there will be one or two kids out there I can help the same way comics helped me.

I may fail at this, but I hope at the very least some people get a couple of entertaining stories out of it.


T. Perran Mitchell


Current Creative Team:

T. Perran Mitchell

Writer, Letterer and Publisher

Kelsea Jewell


Rose Petrecz


Past Creators:

Bobby Peñafiel


Sherwin Villano