Let Us Reward You!

We ran into a technical problem with our Kickstarter page. The $25 reward was temporarily unavailable. The problem is now fixed and all that comic goodness could be yours.

While we're on the subject, let's take a closer look at that reward.

The Comic Two Pack

The Comic Two Pack reward includes-

  • A copy of the print issue with cover art by the amazing Kelsea Jewell
  • A copy of the print issue with cover art by Rebecca Silver
  • A PDF copy of the comic to read on all your digital devices
  • Both printed comics will be signed by author T. Perran Mitchell
  • Your name included in a heartfelt public thank you (likely the inside back cover of the book)
  • The secret High Five Code Word. (Use the code word when you see Mr. Mitchell and receive "a big old high-five."

You receive all of these items in thanks for your pledge of $25 towards our Kickstarter fundraising drive. To see this reward, as well as all other reward options, check out our Kickstarter page at www.tal-nor.com/ks


To see more art by Kelsea Jewell, visit http://www.artmajeur.com/en/artist/jewell

To see more art by Rebecca Silver, visit regeneratedarts.com