Let Us Reward You!

We ran into a technical problem with our Kickstarter page. The $25 reward was temporarily unavailable. The problem is now fixed and all that comic goodness could be yours.

While we're on the subject, let's take a closer look at that reward.

The Comic Two Pack

The Comic Two Pack reward includes-

  • A copy of the print issue with cover art by the amazing Kelsea Jewell
  • A copy of the print issue with cover art by Rebecca Silver
  • A PDF copy of the comic to read on all your digital devices
  • Both printed comics will be signed by author T. Perran Mitchell
  • Your name included in a heartfelt public thank you (likely the inside back cover of the book)
  • The secret High Five Code Word. (Use the code word when you see Mr. Mitchell and receive "a big old high-five."

You receive all of these items in thanks for your pledge of $25 towards our Kickstarter fundraising drive. To see this reward, as well as all other reward options, check out our Kickstarter page at www.tal-nor.com/ks


To see more art by Kelsea Jewell, visit http://www.artmajeur.com/en/artist/jewell

To see more art by Rebecca Silver, visit regeneratedarts.com

Now in Color

When I checked my email this morning I was delighted to find that Kelsea had finished the first three pages of the comic.  She also let me know that she is hard at work on the next set of pages.  With watercolors as amazing as hers, it takes several passes to get these effects and you need to let the paper dry between passes.

I was floored when I saw how good they came out.  This book is going to be fantastic.  Kelsea is really taking the story I wrote to the next level and I couldn't be happier.  In fact I don't think my words really do justice to my reaction to each amazing page Kelsea turns in.  I think only Sophie can really sum up my reaction.

That's a little preview of the last panel of page 3.  I can't wait to show you what Sophie is looking at.  This is why we're running a special offer, anyone who signs up to the mailing list by the end of Free Comic Book Day (5/3/2015) will receive a five-page preview edition of the comic.  That's right; you will get to see the first 5 pages of the book before anyone else.

Hope you have a great Free Comic Book Day.