Every Little Bit Helps

You may be looking over our Kickstarter page and thinking, "Wow, those prints and special edition look really cool, but I just don't have the cash right now." The great thing is that you can get lots of comic value for just a little bit of money. Today, let's take a look at the three basic pledge levels.

The Thank You

For only one dollar, you can help support independent comic creators. It may not seem like it would make a difference, but if 2,320 people pledge a dollar each we would meet our goal.

For a $1 pledge of support you receive-

  • Our sincerest gratitude, expressed in a public forum, most likely in the printed copy of Issue One and definitely here on this website. (Or if publicity isn't your thing, then a message via Kickstarter.)
  • The Secret High-Five Code Word. Say the code word if you see Mr. Mitchell out & about and you'll get "a big old high-five." Simple silly fun.

Now it's just a guess, but I'm betting that would feel better than the convenience store coffee of the same price.

The Digital Copy

This is a great choice for any supporter of The Chronicles of the Tal Nor that lives outside of the US. Because of the cost, we can't ship internationally. With this pledge reward anyone can enjoy reading The Mines of Eyrtune anywhere they'd like.

For a pledge support of $3 you get-

  • The heartfelt thank you as mentioned above
  • The Secret High-Five Code Word
  • A PDF copy of the comic to read on your digital devices

The Print Copy

print copy.png

Now we are entering the realm of tangible, "hold it in your hands and smell the printer's ink" rewards. At the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo in July, a limited run of copies sold for five dollars each. For a pledge of two more dollars our Kickstarter backers get so much more.

For a $7 donation pledge you will receive in thanks-

  • The heartfelt thank you.
  • The Secret High-Five Code
  • A printed copy of Issue One, featuring the official cover art by artist Kelsea Jewell
  • Your comic will be signed by author T. Perran Mitchell

And (drumroll please...) BUTTONS! To celebrate a big pledge over the weekend, every pledge of $7 or more will include three buttons! They can be pinned to you bag, given as gifts, or even worn proudly on your shirt to proclaim your support of our comic series. A new button design will be revealed daily over at www.tal-nor.com/ks as we count down to the end of our drive.

And Finally...

Every little contribution is a lot. Every little contribution means a lot. We couldn't do this without you.

Thank you.