Letters From The Editor - Thank You for Holding

Please continue to stay on the line. We appreciate your patience and the next available member of the creative team will be with you shortly.

Apologies. I have spent a great deal of time on hold for the past two months and phrases that are repeated have a way of worming into one’s consciousness. (Also, I’ve started to rate the quality of hold music. So far—in an admittedly limited sample—the US Postal Service is currently at the bottom of the list.)

You have been kept waiting, readers, and for that I am sorry. The month of May exploded and it wasn’t in the fun, fireworks sort of way. It was more in the shredded tires, poor health, paper-grading, and “joys” of home-ownership sort of way. However, we are steadily clawing through it and in just a few days, this less than lovely month will be over and everyone gets to June with higher hopes and fingers crossed.

That said, the very first Chronicles of the Tal Nor Newsletter is being prepared right now and will be in subscribers' inboxes shortly. If you haven't subscribed yet, look for Subscribe to our mailing list near the top of the sidebar. The first addition to our About page will be up by the end of the week and the first proper Letters from the Editor post will be coming… soon. Even if I post whatever I doodle while stuck in Automated Phone Tree Hell.

And once again, thank you for holding.

The Editor