Con Update and some non-Tal Nor news

It looks like April is going to be a crazy busy month.  I’ll be at no one but two conventions in April.

First I’ll be making my triumphant return to SPACE.  That right once again my uber-talented sister Kat LoGrande and I will be sharing a table at the Small Press and Alternative Comics expos.  If you are in the Ohio area on 4/9 or4/10 come out to see us for the low, low price of FREE. You heard right, this year going to SPACE is FREE!

After a recover weekend of playing D&D I’ll be back on the convention trail, this time a little closer to home.  April 22 through the 24th I’ll be at the Great Philadelphia Comic Con in Oaks, PA.  And I won’t be alone, this time I’ll be sharing a table with The Chronicles of the Tal Nor cover artist Rebecca Silver.  If you’ve never see her art in person, do yourself a favor and come out visit us.  She is amazingly talented.

At both shows I’ll have copies of the first issue of The Chronicles of the Tal Nor as well as a few limited Hard Rock editions of the Club 27 anthology.

Besides announcing cons, I’m also happy to announce the digital release The Marriage Act on Comixolgy.  I had the pleasure of Lettering this thought provoking release from Disposable Fiction, written by Jack Wallace and featuring the art of Roberto Pasqua and Gwydion Vibart.  For more info check out the book at

That’s all for now.


Flat World Theory

To deepen my understanding of the comic creation process and to hopefully add another tool to my tool box, I'm trying my hand at creating color flats.  For those unfamiliar with flats, they are the first step in digital coloring of comic books.  This is where each section or object is painted one color, in it's own layer using Photoshop (or art program of your choice).  Once the flats are created the colorist adds the shading and lighting effects.  This is a vast simplification of the process.

The creation of flats is often outsourced by the colorist because it can be rather time consuming and a little bit tedious.  After trying it myself I found it to be a rather Zen-like and quite relaxing.  To hone my skills at creating flats I have been coloring the pages from Dangers of the Road, the first Tal Nor short I ever published.  I thought it would be a fun to share this comic and some behind the scenes of making comics.  This will also give me a chance to re-letter the comic now that I have a few hundred more pages lettered under my belt.

The cover, credits page and the first colored page have been post to the comics section of the site.  Each additional colored page will be posted here every Wednesday; please come back check on my progress.  I'm hoping that the last page will show improvement from the one posted today.  If you have any tips, questions or just want to say hi, please leave a comment below or email us at