Dangers of the road page 7 - just flat

Page 7, the penultimate page of my Danger of the Road colorization project is complete.  I’ve learned a lot about how digital coloring works and how much I still don’t know about how to do it well.  With this project I’ve only scratched the surface of what can be done via Photoshop.  I’ve found the whole process to be quite relaxing and enjoyable.  I don’t think I will ever be as good at it as I am at lettering, nor do I think I will ever pursue it professionally.  I do think after I finish up page 8 next week I might take some of the pencils that Kelsea has sent me for issue one and have as change of pace project when I get stuck writing or need a break lettering.  I doubt that I will ever share any of those; Kelsea's so good with water color, I don’t think my tiny ego could take the comparison.

The new page of this project is now posted in the comic section of the site and as a special treat below you can see what the colors look by themselves without the line work.


Dangers of the Road part 4

It’s Wednesday and we have another page in my Color Flat experiments.  I’m taking the first Tal Nor story, Dangers of the Road, and adding the color flats to the original black and white art.  I’m also touching up the lettering a bit.  You can find all of the pages that have been posted so far in the comic section of our site.  I’ll be adding a new page every Wednesday.  Enjoy and drop us line to let us know what you think. 


We're Going to S.P.A.C.E. & Beyond

 There’s so much big news to share I'm going to do it bullet point style:

  • Chronicles of the Tal Nor issue 1 is full steam ahead.  Kelsea has finished up all the thumbnails for the interiors and we're close to settling on a cover design.
  • We're also very close to finalizing the design of our first promo card.  I can tell you from personal experience that those things are a lot harder to design than they look.
  • I posted page 3 of the Color Flats version of Dangers of the Road.  I hope that you're all enjoying this experiment of mine. Click HERE to check out all the pages so far.  If you want to try your hand at doing the final colors based on the Flats, drop me a line at TalNorComics@gmail.com and we will work something out.
  • Finally, we just received confirmation that on April 11th and 12th we are going to S.P.A.C.E, the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo in Ohio. Check out the Events page for more details.

That’s all I got for you today.  Now I have to go back to working out the plot for issue 2.


Flat World Theory

To deepen my understanding of the comic creation process and to hopefully add another tool to my tool box, I'm trying my hand at creating color flats.  For those unfamiliar with flats, they are the first step in digital coloring of comic books.  This is where each section or object is painted one color, in it's own layer using Photoshop (or art program of your choice).  Once the flats are created the colorist adds the shading and lighting effects.  This is a vast simplification of the process.

The creation of flats is often outsourced by the colorist because it can be rather time consuming and a little bit tedious.  After trying it myself I found it to be a rather Zen-like and quite relaxing.  To hone my skills at creating flats I have been coloring the pages from Dangers of the Road, the first Tal Nor short I ever published.  I thought it would be a fun to share this comic and some behind the scenes of making comics.  This will also give me a chance to re-letter the comic now that I have a few hundred more pages lettered under my belt.

The cover, credits page and the first colored page have been post to the comics section of the site.  Each additional colored page will be posted here every Wednesday; please come back check on my progress.  I'm hoping that the last page will show improvement from the one posted today.  If you have any tips, questions or just want to say hi, please leave a comment below or email us at TalNorComic@gmail.com