So What Is it About?

Whenever you tell someone you're working on any sort of writing project, the first question they usually ask is, "So what's it about?" I know that in our Kickstarter video we said it's a secret. However, I'm going to be a little naughty and share.

At its most basic, The Chronicles of the Tal Nor is a fantasy police procedural.* That means something happens, the audience follows the investigators as they investigate, the incident gets resolved and everyone goes home. Rinse and repeat.

If you watch television at all, the procedural is a familiar format. Law & Order, CSI and Dragnet all follow it. (Arguments could also be made for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) Our comic takes place in a fantasy setting, though, so we have less Kevlar and more chainmail.

While we're on the subject of fantasy, you should know that this world is not another Tolkien-based setting. You won't find any elves, dwarves, or orcs here. There's no one species that is Always Chaotic Evil.** Some Kallethax are the bad guys in issue one, but if some Kallethaxian civilian gets hit by an arrow while walking down the street, you better believe our lawfolk are going to find out who did it.

Oh, and in issue three, there just might be a cloud city of talking squirrels.

That's the basics of what this comic series is about. As for issue one itself I will say this: some townspeople go missing, our investigator gets overconfident, and the situation quickly goes sideways. The fastest way to find out what happens would be to donate to our Kickstarter over at - Otherwise, there will be a bit of a wait.

This has been a Letter From Your Editor.



* Saying "fantasy police procedural" always makes me think of a strange fantasy sports league that has tv characters for players. Like, "I really wanted Kate Beckett and Lester Freamon to round out my team this year, but jeez, the draft was not kind to me."

** TvTropes is an unparalleled time-sink. Enter at your own risk.

Letters From The Editor - Thank You for Holding

Please continue to stay on the line. We appreciate your patience and the next available member of the creative team will be with you shortly.

Apologies. I have spent a great deal of time on hold for the past two months and phrases that are repeated have a way of worming into one’s consciousness. (Also, I’ve started to rate the quality of hold music. So far—in an admittedly limited sample—the US Postal Service is currently at the bottom of the list.)

You have been kept waiting, readers, and for that I am sorry. The month of May exploded and it wasn’t in the fun, fireworks sort of way. It was more in the shredded tires, poor health, paper-grading, and “joys” of home-ownership sort of way. However, we are steadily clawing through it and in just a few days, this less than lovely month will be over and everyone gets to June with higher hopes and fingers crossed.

That said, the very first Chronicles of the Tal Nor Newsletter is being prepared right now and will be in subscribers' inboxes shortly. If you haven't subscribed yet, look for Subscribe to our mailing list near the top of the sidebar. The first addition to our About page will be up by the end of the week and the first proper Letters from the Editor post will be coming… soon. Even if I post whatever I doodle while stuck in Automated Phone Tree Hell.

And once again, thank you for holding.

The Editor

Letters From the Editor - Coming Soon to a Site Near You

Hello there. We haven’t met. However, if you’ve seen posts on this site rearrange themselves in the middle of the night, that was me. The Editor. (Or strange internet grammar faeries. One can never tell.)

I am happy to announce that a bunch of new content will be coming to the site. There will be additions to the About page including creator bios and the story of how and why we got here. An event is coming in mid-April and details will be on the Upcoming Events page. Last and preferably not least will be this: Letters from the Editor.

Letters From the Editor will be a feature that will pop up from time to time and give more in depth views of happenings behind the scenes. There are already some posts in the works: one with a handy convention survival guide for exhibitors and another about the surprising usefulness of action figures in the comic making process. You get to peek into the strange inner working here at Tal Nor. Hopefully, comic creators will pick up a few tips while others can be amused at our folly. It’s a project I’m looking forward to and hope you are too.


The Editor