Its Here, Its Here Its Here! I'm so excited

A few weeks back I started working on a promo card to hand out comic book conventions, art shows, and really to anyone I meet who might want to check out our comic.  After all of the hard work, the various versions and iterations, the cards have arrived from our printer Ready Comics.  Before I show you any art from the card, let me say a few words in praise of Ready Comics and their wonderful rep Rhianna Sheppard.  Her and the rest of the team at Ready Comics have been a simple delight to work with.  No matter what mistakes I make (and I make quite a few) they always are there to make it right and give us a good product.  They printed I Hate When They Run for us and it looks amazing.  I have to say I have been very fortunate that everyone I have worked with on any of the Tal Nor projects have been amazing.  Let hope the luck holds.

Now, the moment that you have been waiting for; our new promo cards!

Don't they look great!  I'm so pleased with how they came out.  If you want to see what the back of the card looks like, you will need to come visit us at a show.  You can check out the Upcoming Events page to see where we will be.


I hope to see you all soon.