The Kickstarter is complete and issue #2 is now out.

All of the Kickstarter rewards for issue #2 has been fulfilled. Yay! It was a long journey to get to this point but with the help of my amazing Kickstarter backers the book is out. Please go over to the Wall of Thanks a check out those who back our funding efforts. There are some pretty fun thank you names people gave me.

So what comes next? I start taking the book around and get to work on the next project. I’m right now in talks with several local stores about scheduling Wednesday signings. Once the dates for these have been locked down I’ll post about it here.

I’ll also be bringing this book along with all my regular array of goodie to the Bmore into Comics issue #15 this Saturday, 8/19/2017 from 1-7pm at The Windup Space in Baltimore, MD. 

Click here for more details.

I’ve done this bar-con several times before and it always be a great show. In fact, that where I met issue #2 cover artist Noella Whitney. This particular edition is special as it also a benefit for one of the best people in comics, Monica Gallagher. If you can’t make it please, consider becoming of a patron of her on Patreon. Not only will you be helping a cool comic book creator fight cancer, but you’ll also get to see a ton of cool art first and discounts of commissions!


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