Three Days/Seven Days

Three days until we have a print ready copy of The Chronicles of the Tal Nor #2. That right, besides crossing a T and dotting an I or two we are done with issue two!! The main hurtles have been my day job becoming deadline city, eating up most of my energy and my anxiety, about screwing all of this up, eating up what was left. Somehow through it all we manage to get this done.

Given that we have a couple days left, if you want to get any last-minute letters into the letter page. You still have a tiny amount of time left. Send them to and mark them OK To Print.

Seven Days until we lunch our Kickstarter. I originally planned to launch tonight, but when I looked at the calendar I saw we’d be hitting 4th of July right out the gate. Since that would be a dead-day and possibly weekend here in the US, I decide to push it back past the 4th to Wednesday July 5th. What better day to launch than New Comic Book Day! Stay tune for a link next Wednesday.

It’s been a long journey to get here but we are closer than ever to holding issue #2 in our hands. When it felt like I would never complete this project and need a pick me up, I turned to this song by The Doubleclicks. I hope it can inspire you to keep making things and working on your creations as much as it inspires me.

Be Well,