Belated Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2017 report

Thank you to everyone who came out to this year’s Great Philadelphia Comic Con. I had a terrific time meeting everyone. There were so many awesome people that stopped by, some that I had met in past years and some brand-new faces. Plus, all the of the wonderful cosplayers. As someone who has dabbled in cosplay myself (I do a pretty good Doctor Strange), I know how much time and effort goes into making those costumes and becoming those characters. Everyone’s hard work really paid off, I have photographic evidence at the bottom of this post.

It was odd to be there without my tablemate from last year Rebecca Silver (see all her mind-blowing art here). However, I had a great group of neighbor that helped pick up the slack. Big thank you to KJ Kaminsky from Big Blue Studio, who’s table was across from mine. He knows the comic game from a ton of different angles and I learned a lot talking with him. Next to me was, Dominic Riggio on one side and Jason Westlake  on the other. Both were fantastic to chat with during any lulls in the action. Then last, but not least, I was lucky enough to have my old friend Scott Derby in our row. I’ve known Scott forever and have always been a huge fan. Do yourself a favor and check out his art here:

I always have blast whenever I’m lucky enough to have a chance to hang out with Scott.

If you didn’t get a chance to see me at this show, you’re in luck, my next appearance is right around the corner. On May 5th I’ll be celebrating Free Comic Book Day at Uncanny! in the King of Prussia mall. For those not familiar, every year the first Saturday in May Free Comic Book Day. All of the different publisher will release special comics for the shops to give away on this day. Most store will bring in special guest. For the 2nd year in a row I’m will be at Uncanny! I hope to see you there

Here are just a few of the amazing cosplayer I met at the Great Philadelphia Comic Con

Be Well,