Memorial Day Barbecue Magic

Memorial Day Barbeque Magic


Over this Memorial Day weekend, like most people, I attended a barbeque.  At this barbeque, I had the opportunity to meet friend’s 5 year old daughter for first time.  This was one seriously cool and nerdy little girl.  She is totally obsessed with Star Wars.  When the host was play The Force Awakens for all the kids (me included, because what am I other than a soon to be 37 year old kid) and the host father said look it’s Princess Leia, this girl turned to him with the most annoyed look. She then responded with “It’s General Leia.”  I think it was at that moment she became my hero and I knew I had to get her a copy of the comic.  She was super psyched to have the comic I wrote and loved the art.  Then she discover that she shared that name Sophie with the lead character in the book and thought that was awesome too.  She thanked me for the comic and told me I was very good at writing stories.  I almost cried.  Moments like these are the reason that we make comics.


I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day.