Return from SPACE

I have successfully made re-entry and decompressed from SPACE.  A great con, but the ride from Philly to Columbus (by way of Cleveland, where my sister lives) and back again takes a lot of me.  It always takes me a little bit to recover.  But recover I have and I want to tell you all how amazing of a time it was.

There was row after row of incredible indie comic creators with works covering every possible interests and style.  Part of me is jealous I wasn’t able to spend all of my time just perusing and talking with the creators.  However I was needed behind the table to talk about my comics with the nice size crowd this year’s show brought in.  I think dropping the price down to free help boost attendance.  If we don’t get hit by some late snow again next year, I could see the show being an even bigger draw.

One of my favorite things to do is talk about story craft and making comics.  This why I love doing show like this and meeting my fellow creators.  I feel so inspired and reinvigorated to work on comics after doing shows like SPACE.  As I have said in the past, making comics and getting funding is hard and at time lonely work.  It this sort of inspiration that lets me power through the down moments and get the next comic out to you.

Now it time for the next convention, which is coming up this Friday.  If you can make it please come on out to the Great Philadelphia Comic Con in Oaks.  I’ll be sharing a table with the amazingly talented Rebecca Silver.  You might recognize her work from the variant cover from our Kickstarter.

Speaking of which here’s a quick poll, if I was to do another Kickstarter for the next issue would you back it. Leave your comment below

Also in comments below please let me know what sort of things you would like to see us add as rewards if we were to do another Kickstarter.

I hope to see you this weekend.