Cons, Cons and more Cons

I can’t believe that SPACE (the Small Press and Alternative Comic Expo) is only 9 days away.  I can’t wait to get back out to Ohio and see all the wonderful creators and fan.  Not only will I be bringing the Chronicles of the Tal Nor but I’ll also have copies of the Club 27 anthology for sale.  As always it wouldn’t be a trip to SPACE if I want joined by my wonderful co-pilot and sister Kat LoGrande

Two short weeks after I make re-entry from SPACE, I’ll be appearing at the Great Philadelphia Comic Con with the spectacular artist Rebecca Silver.  This a home town show for me and I have so many friends at this show it going to be a blast.

But wait there’s more.  I’ll be at Small Press Expo in September! This is my all-time favorite show!  I really can’t express how excited I am to be at this show If you are anywhere close to the DC area your really should do yourself a favor and check out this amazing show.  However be warned, there is so much cool stuff to buy on each table.  I recommend doing a lap of the show, making a list of everything you want then go about buying stuff.  It’s easy to blow all your money on the first couple of table only to see a must have item a few more tables in.  Check out more about the show HERE.

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