Support This Comic; It's Rewarding!

Today's featured reward from our Kickstarter Campaign is The Variant. This happens to be our most popular reward right now.

For a donation of $15, The Variant reward includes-

  • One copy of the Variant Edition of Issue #1 with cover art by guest artist Rebecca Silver.  This print copy includes both Issue #1 and the mini-comic I Hate When They Run. This extra-long edition will only be available through this Kickstarter campaign.
  • A PDF copy of Issue #1 to read on all your digital devices
  • The printed comic will be signed by author T. Perran Mitchell
  • Your name included in a heartfelt public thank you (likely the inside back cover of the book and here on the Tal Nor Comics website)
  • The secret High Five Code Word. (Use the code word when you see Mr. Mitchell and receive "a big old high-five")

Take a look at this reward and all others over at our Kickstarter site

If you are a fan of the cover art, a 11" X 17" print is available at a $30 reward level.