I Can't Even

It's hard to know if we should gibber or Kermit flail over here at Tal Nor HQ. Sam Maggs, bestselling author of The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy, and Matt Mercer, voice actor and DM for Geek & Sundry's show Critical Role, have both retweeted links to our Kickstarter!


Also, we have now done some math and added international shipping to all of our rewards. So if you're somewhere that's not here in the US, all the pretties that we offer can now be yours! For a super-limited time!

We are so close. Only $1135 to go, but not much time to do it in. We've only got until 7pm Eastern Daylight Time today to make our goal. So if you'd like to support a comic full of awesome art, diverse characters, exciting action, and witty banter, NOW is the time to do it. Head on over to www.tal-nor.com/ks and remember; every little bit helps.