Down to the Wire

Hoo boy, are we getting close to the end of this Kickstarter run. Only 20 hours and $1319 to go. I will admit I am a little nervous.

Okay, a lot nervous.

It really helps (and warms my scribbled red ink heart) that people love it and are sharing links to it. Hopefully that will lead to that last push that will get us to our goal.

Speaking of links, I have compiled here a list of links that will spare you having to scroll through our entire News page to find the information you want.

The Kickstarter itself:

Some info on how Kickstarter works:  and

A description of the comic:

An eight page preview of issue one:

Reward levels for $1, $3 and $7:

The $15 reward:

The $25 reward :

The $30 and $75 rewards:

The $100, $250 and $500 rewards:


Thank you, all of you out there who have shared our project on Facebook and twitter, who have visited our website, and most of all to those who have donated already. We really couldn't have gotten this far without you.

This has been a letter from your editor.

And Thanks.