Welcome to the Big Times, Folks

We are speeding towards the finish line of our Kickstarter campaign for the first full issue of our comic. Only three days left! And as of right this second we still need $1804. I think we can do it, especially if one of you out there has ever wanted to appear in a comic book.

You didn't know that was something we offered? It certainly is, though there are an extremely limited number of opportunities. In today's Reward Spotlight, you can find out how. Let's take a closer look at the last three pledge levels and the thank you gifts attached to them.

The "I Want it All!" Pack

This is the first of our three big reward levels. For a donation pledge of $100 dollars you will receive pretty much All Of The Things. Specifically, that includes-

  • One copy each of the three 11" x 17" art prints
  • One copy of the printed Variant Edition (cover art by Rebecca Silver)
  • One copy of the printed standard edition (cover art by Kelsea Jewell)
  • Both print copies will be signed by author T. Perran Mitchell
  • A PDF copy of the comic to read on your digital devices
  • A public thank you
  • The secret High-Five code; use it when you see Mr. Mitchell at a convention (or most public places really) to receive "a big old High-Five"
  • BONUS! Three button pins

The Letterer Special

Besides being the writer of our comics, Mr. Mitchell is also the letterer. When you select The Letterer Special reward you get to use that particular skill to your advantage. For a pledge of $250 or more, you get-

  • T. Perran Mitchell will letter your comic or project, up to 32 pages
  • All three of the art prints
  • The variant edition of the printed comic
  • The standard edition of the printed comic
  • Mr. Mitchell will sign both copies
  • A PDF copy of the comic to read digitally
  • A heartfelt thank you
  • The High Five code
  • BONUS! Three buttons

The Super Fan Pack

This right here is where YOU have the opportunity to appear in a comic book. Only four of these packages are available. For a pledge of $500- 

  • You will be featured as a character in issue two of The Chronicles of the Tal Nor!

You will also get lots of cool things-

  • All three art prints
  • The printed Variant Edition
  • The printed standard edition
  • Both comics will be signed by author T. Perran Mitchell
  • A PDF copy of the comic
  • Our deepest, greatest, and most heartfelt gratitude shouted to the skies (along with a thank you printed somewhere)
  • The secret High-Five Code
  • BONUS! Three button pins


I will be the first to admit that these pledge levels are no chump change. To put in in perspective though, it's quite a lot of value for the money. Having Mr. Mitchell letter for you costs a minimum of $10 a page. If your project is as long as our comic is, that covers the entirety of your pledge right there. To actually be in a comic isn't an opportunity that comes along very often. And many of these items will never be available again after 7pm EDT on Monday.

They're big, but I hope you consider it. If it's still a bit much, anything you can spare would be deeply appreciated. We're so excited to share all of the work that we've done. You can help that happen, and we are so grateful for it.

Thank you.