Dangers of the road page 7 - just flat

Page 7, the penultimate page of my Danger of the Road colorization project is complete.  I’ve learned a lot about how digital coloring works and how much I still don’t know about how to do it well.  With this project I’ve only scratched the surface of what can be done via Photoshop.  I’ve found the whole process to be quite relaxing and enjoyable.  I don’t think I will ever be as good at it as I am at lettering, nor do I think I will ever pursue it professionally.  I do think after I finish up page 8 next week I might take some of the pencils that Kelsea has sent me for issue one and have as change of pace project when I get stuck writing or need a break lettering.  I doubt that I will ever share any of those; Kelsea's so good with water color, I don’t think my tiny ego could take the comparison.

The new page of this project is now posted in the comic section of the site and as a special treat below you can see what the colors look by themselves without the line work.