Letters From the Editor - Coming Soon to a Site Near You

Hello there. We haven’t met. However, if you’ve seen posts on this site rearrange themselves in the middle of the night, that was me. The Editor. (Or strange internet grammar faeries. One can never tell.)

I am happy to announce that a bunch of new content will be coming to the site. There will be additions to the About page including creator bios and the story of how and why we got here. An event is coming in mid-April and details will be on the Upcoming Events page. Last and preferably not least will be this: Letters from the Editor.

Letters From the Editor will be a feature that will pop up from time to time and give more in depth views of happenings behind the scenes. There are already some posts in the works: one with a handy convention survival guide for exhibitors and another about the surprising usefulness of action figures in the comic making process. You get to peek into the strange inner working here at Tal Nor. Hopefully, comic creators will pick up a few tips while others can be amused at our folly. It’s a project I’m looking forward to and hope you are too.


The Editor