Signings, Cons and Reviews

Looking back at the last three Wednesdays I can say without doubt that I could not have asked for better way to launch the first issue of The Chronicle of the Tal Nor than doing events at the Uncanny/Comics and More family of stores.  Everyone who work there is so supportive of the book and made for a great experiences.  I had so much fun meeting people at each signing.  It was great to talk comics, writing and storytelling all day long. If you’re in the Philadelphia area, do yourself a favor and visit one of these awesome stores.

If you missed me at these in-store signs, don’t fear, your next chance to get a signed copy of the book is right around the corner.  On Halloween I’ll be at the Locust Moon Fall Comics Fest from 11am to 6pm.  This looks like it’s going to be an awesome show with a ton of great creators.  It a curated show and I applied without much hope that I was going to get invited.  I’m incredibly honored that they thought enough of my work to ask me to be there.  For more details on all the amazing guest check out their websites.

Speaking of amazing guest.  As you might remembered over the summer made a special pre-release version of the book for the SPACE show in Ohio.  At this show I was able to talk with a ton awesome creators and give many of them a copy of the book.  My old friend David Branstetter, creator of Straw Man (check out his work HERE ), was kind enough to share a review of the book. Please give it a read below, but be warned there are some plot spoilers.

The cover to Tal-Nor #1 boldly proclaims "S.P.A.C.E Exclusive Edition" with the confidence that you'll want to hunt this bad boy down in the future when this series becomes highly collectible. I'll admit that I sometimes fall victim to the old saying "You can't judge a book by its cover".

While nicely illustrated, the design didn't really sell me on the story. Fortunately T. Perran Mitchell's writing and Kelsea Jewell's vibrant and impressionistic illustrations set a wonderfully strange and alien vibe that was apparent from the first page. We follow a young lady named Sophie who is a trained spy and hunter. She's in the middle of a rescue operation when she's unexpectedly captured. Sophie is no victim. She keeps doing her best to get out of her situation and I admire T's writing for creating a strong female protagonist that simply refuses to give up. Even with bruises on her face she continues to move forward in her pursuit without any kind of pity party.

Throw in an interesting story about invading aliens, medieval clothing, and futuristic technology and you have a fresh, otherworldly adventure. Highly recommended!