Hello World, Welcome to Ours.

Welcome to Wynsel, the home of the Tal Nor.

Founded over 1,000 years ago by Lord Roderick the Wise, the Tal Nor is a force for Order in the Realms of Wynsel.  From regional strongholds; they send out their Rytiers to enforce this order in the manner they see fit.  They owe no allegiance to any King or Country but are respected and feared by all.

The first color story featuring the Rytier Kat Zang has been posted to the web site can be found HERE.

We are currently hard at work on the first issue of our new on going series about the Tal Nor called The Chronicles of the Tal Nor: Volume One.  We are shooting for a late spring release date.  We will keep you updated here on the statue of that project. 

This website will be your home for all things Tal Nor.  Thank you for your early support for our comic and we can’t wait to hear what you think.