Grand Opening

 Welcome to the newly launched Tal Nor website.  Many of you are coming here from T.'s blog Old Man Mitchell's Kitchen.  Don't fear; the Kitchen will still be open, but now will focus more on what he is doing. This site will focus on the Tal Nor and the comic books that contain their adventures.  If you have never read T.'s blog you can check it out HERE.

 Currently we have our first two shorts published on the Comics portion of the site.  That's where you can find the exciting conclusion to I HATE WHEN THEY RUN along with all of the previous installments if you need to catch up.  This section will also contain previews of each issue of The Chronicles of the Tal Nor as we publish them, as well as any future shorts we may do.

 We are working hard to complete the first issue and hope to have some more news on that soon.  Kelsea has completed a number of character designs for new heroes and villains you will meet in issue one.  She has also put her own stamp on Sophie LeCoise, the star of Dangers of the Road.  The designs are amazing but you will have to wait till the issue is released to see them for yourself.